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Services Provided by Translation Shoppe

New!- Blogs and Podcast services

Translation services for corporate blogs and podcasts for clients are now available. These services allow our clients to deepen their relationship with their markets by providing more information regarding their products and services through new media. The average turnaround time for both blogs and podcasts is 24 hours.

Books and Periodicals

Translation of books and periodicals is an art. During the translation process, we work closely with the author or agent to continuously incorporate revisions to ensure the essence is communicated successfully.

Marketing Materials

Translation Shoppe has a global reach.  Our translators live in the target regions and are familiar with their local markets.  These experts can therefore customize your marketing materials so that your marketing message is conveyed successfully.

Localization Services

The localization of websites, software, and multimedia packages is an intricate process that forges technical and linguistic nuances into a streamlined product for your global market. In order to target a user population effectively, materials must be presented in an appropriate format, taking into consideration sensitivities to the cultural and social mores of that region. In addition, it is crucial to factor in national distinctions, suitability of graphics and culturally relevant color schemes. Our international team at Translation Shoppe works to incorporate all these considerations into your project.

Technical Information, Research Papers and Manuals

Translation Shoppe's network of translators are experienced in translating and proof-reading a variety of technical materials and research papers.  We ensure that the integrity of the information is maintained irrespective of the target language.

Personal Communications

Translation Shoppe offers translations of your correspondences to help you maintain clear communications with your foreign associates. We guarantee an under 24-hour turnaround and always maintain strict confidentiality.

All the above services are available for any combination of languages ranging from common ones such as English to Chinese, to more exotic combinations such as Spanish to Korean.

Translations from one source language to multiple target languages are also offered.  (E.g. From English to French, German and Spanish).

Rates for the above services are determined by the languages involved for each translation, the length, and complexity of material as well as the timeframe of the project. Please contact the Translation Shoppe via e-mail at: or by telephone at (480) 389-1388 in the US or 020-8123-6328 in the UK to discuss the details of your project and obtain an estimate.

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