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Case Study 1: Large multi-language project with quick turnaround

  • Project Background: The client, a publisher of IT books, needed one of their books translated into French, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese within 30 calendar days.

  • Project Specs: The book consisted of 100,324 words (97,392 in the text and 2,932 in the graphics) and 66 graphics.

  • Project Approach: Translation Shoppe organized teams of translators with their most experienced translators appointed as editors. The translators proofread each other’s work and the editor reviewed the work a third time and made sure that text flowed smoothly.

  • Project Results: All languages were completed and delivered on the 30th day.

Case Study 2: Podcasts/ Blog entries (in process)

  • Project Background: The client wanted to translate its blog and podcasts to make these value added services accessible to its international clients.

  • Project Specs: An average of seven podcasts and fourteen blog entries have to be translated and posted on the Web site with in a 12 hour time frame.

  • Project Approach: Translation Shoppe created two teams, podcast and blog, which were responsible for recording the podcast and for translating the blog entries and posting them on the Web site.

  • Project Results: The infrastructure is in place and we will begin testing the processes shortly.

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